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Taking continuing education courses from BailCE.com is convenient and enjoyable, and you’ll find quality courses that meet your specific needs.  You can take courses at any time of the day or night one hour at a time from anywhere you have a computer with Internet access and speakers.  Take any twelve of these one hour courses during the license period and you’ll complete your continuing education requirement.

BailCE.com courses are similar to courses you’d take in a traditional classroom, delivered by an instructor with a slide show.  On your computer screen, you’ll see the slides and you’ll hear the instructor on your computer speakers. 

Each slide has graphics, pictures, or text and an associated sound file.  When you launch a course, the first slide with a picture of your instructor pops up on your computer screen, and you’ll hear the instructor introduce the course.  When the instructor has finished talking, click the “Next” link at the top right corner of the slide.  If you want to see an earlier slide, click the “Previous” link at the top left corner to go back.  Follow this all the way to the last slide in the course, where you’ll be provided a link to your Personal Journal (to print a course completion certificate) and a link to the course catalog (to take another course). 

During the course you will find slides with written questions.  These questions are an open book final exam and are designed to make sure you understand the previous material before moving on.  Questions are either true/false or multiple-choice.  If you select an incorrect answer, a message will appear with material from the course that explains why your answer was incorrect.  Read this material, re-answer the question, and re-submit the quiz.  You can answer as many times as you need, there is no time limit, and you are not required to get the correct answer on your first try to pass the course.

Each BailCE.com course has been approved by the Department of Insurance for one hour of continuing education credit. Department of Insurance regulations require you to be engaged in the course material for the required amount of time for each course. To ensure students meet this requirement, the system will allow you to move forward to the next slide only after the instructor has completed his or her comments for that slide.

If you leave a course without finishing it, the next time you log in you will see a yellow triangle and note in the right portion of your Personal Journal reminding you that you have a course in progress.  If you click the link there, you will restart the course where you left off.  If you restart that course or another course from the course catalog you will lose your place in the partially-completed course and will have to start it over again from the beginning -- so be sure to complete each course before starting another.

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